Roomba 860 vs 880 – Vacuum Robots Comparison


Timely and tirelessly, the iRobot company releases more and more upgraded products in the market. The robotic vacuums are at the top in it. For the day to day cleaning tasks at home or offices, you need the help of a convenient and effective vacuum cleaner to finish the task easily and quickly. Robotic vacuums help you to automate your boring cleaning task and allows you to spend the saved time on other essential tasks. Today, I am going to review and compare the two of the best vacuum robots introduced by iRobot; Roomba 860 and Roomba 880.Roomba 860 vs 880 - Vacuum Robots Comparison

When you search for Roomba 860 Vs 880 vacuum robots, then you most probably are aware of the quality work provided by the iRobot company. So, we will not dig into it and directly come to the comparison and review of Roomba 860 and Roomba 880 robotic vacuum cleaners.


As like me, you may also prefer to buy the gadgets which are functional as well as have good looks too. Especially when you are going to buy a thing which will roam around your home or office, you want it to look attractive and not nose wrinkling.

The Roomba 860 has a different design than the other Roomba vacuum cleaners. The 8-pound weight with a 3.6x 13.9 x 13.9 inches’ size is perfect for cleaning under your bed and TV stand. It has an attractive and catchy design with a silver finish unlikely to the traditional Roomba vacuums. While the Roomba 860 has one of the best designs in the vacuum cleaner category, it doesn’t mean that you will not like the Roomba 880. It also has a gorgeous design which has a weight of 8.4 pounds and size of 3.6×13.9 inches. It has a black finish which makes is shinier than the Roomba 860.

Roomba 860 vs 880 Power Comparison

The Roomba 860 is powered by a Lithium Ion battery which makes it more powerful than the Roomba 880 having a NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery. Lithium Ion kind of battery is used in the most of the smartphones today which is long-lasting and saves almost 30% more power than the NiMH battery.

Performance comparison of Roomba 860 Vs 880

While we talk about the robotic vacuums, we must consider its performance as the main aspect. Because they will be doing their task automatically without the need of your supervision. You should know how well these amazing robotic vacuums perform before buying them as you will not get them at low prices!

Due to the time it was introduced was quite a long ago, you may consider the Roomba 860 as an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner. In simple language, when you start your Roomba 860 robotic vac, it will not understand directly that which part of your home or office needs more cleaning work and which needs less. Due to this, sometimes you may find that some places are cleaned over and over again while some are remained untouched! If you just want an automated cleaning task without any human interference, then you may not like Roomba 860 over other Roomba robotic vacuums. If you keep this feature aside, the Roomba 860 is a powerful vacuum which has a five times more suction power and improved battery life comparing to the Roomba 880. When the battery is near to an end, the Roomba 860 will come back to the docking station for a recharge.

The Roomba 880, as like the 860, has an AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system. The Roomba 880 is more effective in collecting household debris with a significant upgrade in performance. The lighthouse technology makes it ‘not to go’ out of specified boundaries with the help of its invisible lasers. With the HEPA filter technology, it is the best robotic vac for the pet owners. It has a best in class scheduling feature which can become a key selling point of 880 robotic vacuum. Schedule it and spend your saved time in enjoying your other task.

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Cons of Roomba 860 Vs 880

Roomba 860Roomba 880
It does not have a remote control systemIt does not support any mobile application
It has weak navigation system and sensorsIt sometimes randomly cleans the areas

Also both the vacuums do not have a support to the mobile applications. As well as the Romba 860 does not have the multi-room navigation system.

Key selling point

The Roomba 860 has a superior battery life with a unique design and also available at reasonable price.

On the other hand, the Roomba 880 has an iAdapt multi-room navigation system, lighthouse technology, and best in class scheduling system.

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Comparison of Roomba 860 and 880

 Roomba 860Roomba 880
BatteryLithium Ion
Guides1 Virtual Wall
2 Lighthouse
Remote control

Brushless debris extractors
Preview Image


There are a number of vacuum cleaners of various types are available in the market today. But the Roomba vacuums provide you high-quality, reliable, and smartly automated cleaning tasks. Many people also search for the Roomba 880 Vs 870 robotic vacuums, and so in my next post, you will find the detailed review and comparison of these vacuum cleaners too. Till then, enjoy your cleaning with your best iRobot Roomba vac.

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