How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool – The Best Way


The pool requires a lot of upkeep, attention and proper care so that users can use it without any problem. If you are the owner of the pool, then you have to look after the proper maintenance of the pool. Cleaning of in ground and above ground pool is very much important so that you can enjoy the hygiene of your pool which in turn will be beneficial for the swimmers.

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool

If you are eager to explore the top ideas of how to vacuum above ground pool, then go through this post which will guide you appropriately. So let’s move ahead with the discussion.

How to Vacuum Above Ground Pool

  • Eliminate wreckage – Take away all the debris, leaves and microbes from the pool with the help of pool rake or skimmer. If your skimmer is filled with the debris, then you can clean it out. After that run the water through the filters by turning on the pump.
  • Inset the vacuum head – To the swivel end of the hose affix the vacuum head. To the extension metal or fiberglass, you can join the head. To the end of the pool lower the assembly. After that to the right position, lock the pole and then on the pool side you put it. The water return outlet should reach the pole. In front of the water return outlet freely hold the hose and then fill it with water. The air will be ejected from the hose so to stop the floating of the pole make sure you hold the pole tightly. Keep filling the hose with the water till you observe bubbles from the vacuum head.

All the manual steps mentioned above will assist you in cleaning the above ground pool. Apart from it, you can make use of chlorine tablets that checks the growth of bacteria. Look after the pH and the levels of alkalinity, calcium and cyanuric. By applying these ways, your above ground pool will be cleaned, and then after that, you can move for cleaning the bottom of the pool. You can gain online knowledge of cleaning the bottom of the pool.

Even you can mechanically clean your above ground pool with the help of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Here I will discuss the features of the vacuum cleaner so that you can get familiar with the overall functioning.

Aquabot Cleaner

You will be amazed to see how efficiently it collects the debris, leaves, and sand. It is made in the USA, and the 24 Volt motor enjoys one-year warranty that is reasonable and within an hour clean most of the pools. You can clean the above ground pool of any shape and size by the guidance system that is easy and simple to set. It is known as the pool rover junior robotic.

  • It cleans the above-ground pool without the hoses within an hour. Any pool whether rectangular, oval or round shape will be adequately cleaned by it.
  • The 24-volt pump motor provides vacuum suction and jet-drive propulsion.
  • It features a free cable of 40 feet, a refillable filter bag that has inbuilt 2 microns and a transformer that supplies the power.
  • It comes with a tangle-free cable due to which you can move its non-marring wheels over any surface.
  • The chemical, water, and energy costs are shortened by shut off timer which is fully automatic.
  • The device is safe and unswerving with hydro-robotic technology. It is the simple plug and plays operation.

So from the above information, you can make out how a vacuum cleaner can perform the task of above ground cleaning. When you are through with the above ground cleaning, then clean the bottom of the pool. For cleaning make use of skimmer and keep vacuuming the whole floor until it is thoroughly clean.

Final Verdict

If you desire for glistening clean, tidy and unpolluted above ground pool, then this post will properly serve you. Whenever you notice that the color of the water is turning cloudy, then there must be some pollutants that are making the water impure so to check it, instantly move for vacuuming. It is important to vacuum above ground, and inground pool otherwise, the scum will be grown on the walls and floor of the pool.

So follow the best ways as mentioned above for vacuuming the above ground pool as clean and hygienic pool will offer the feeling of joy and pleasure for the users and owners too.

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