How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose: Repair Vacuum Cleaner


The vacuum cleaner is an unavoidable part of our day to day life. Being a busy person in following tight schedules, vacuum cleaners are a blessing as it can clean all the mess just in few minutes. If you have a robotic vacuum cleaner, then you don’t even need your presence to clean your house. Just a few settings and there you go! When you come back, you will find your home super hygienic.

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose

But as we all know, every machine needs maintenance. Vacuums need theirs too! After few weeks or months, (depending on your usage) you may get some difficulties to clean the debris of the carpet or dust from the floor. So, if such things happen and you feel like your cleaner is not working properly, then there might be a chance of clogging.

Repairing vacuum cleaners is an easy task. It does not require much time or efforts. In this article, we will focus mainly on the step by step guide of how to unclog a vacuum hose. Spare few minutes to know some easy tips for repairing vacuum cleaners.

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose?

Step 1: Check the issue

Many times, it might be possible that the reason of non-efficiency of vacuum cleaner is something else and not the clogging. So, before starting any cleaning process, it is important to understand the actual issue. Check the filter bag, and empty it if it is full. For the better performance of cleaner, it is preferable to empty this bag even if it is not full.

Step 2: Examine the power

Turn on your vacuum cleaner and adjust its settings. Then try to measure its suction power, and if you feel that it has dropped the power, you may have clogged vacuums. Before that, double check your power cable and assure that there is no breakage.

Step 3: Remove the vacuum tube to inspect the hose

Turn off the vacuum cleaner and detach the hose. Now take a coin or marble, which is not as big as the tube hole. Now pass it through the hose and if it comes out easily, and with some little to no obstruction, you can be relaxed as there is NO clogging!

Step 4: Clear the hose

If you have felt difficulties to pass the substance, now it is confirmed that there is clogging in the hose. Most vacuum tubes are over 1 or 1.5 inches long, so you can use the broom handle to push the blockage to the other side.

If you feel that you are not comfortable with such handles, then you can also use the wire of coat hanger. Straightened the wire and grab it tightly. Then pass it from one side and slowly push it to clear the entire clog.

Step 5: Test the cleaner

Attach the hose properly and plug it in. Test it and decide whether it is working correctly or not. See if it works better, and suction power is usual than before. If yes, then congratulations as you have cleared the blockage. But if certain issues are still there, then you have to try again.

Step 6: Find out where the clog is!

As you have cleared the clog from the hose but the vacuum cleaner is still not working as it used to be; then it’s time to check all the other parts to find out where the clog is! It can be anywhere like, in the head, hose, or in the actual vacuum. If it is in the head, inspect it visually. Otherwise, you have to put some extra efforts.

Step 7: Fix the problem

Allow the clog to come out by itself, and you just shake it or tap it. You can also use your fingers to pull the clog physically. Refer your user manual if you are being confused how to detach any difficult part of your vacuum cleaner.

Apart from all these inspections, do not forget to examine the brush assembly area. There is the highest chance of clogging. To know and understand any vacuum cleaners stuff, you can check out the manuals came with the filter or even get some help from the internet.

Important Notes:

  • Try to avoid a clog before it happens! Before starting any cleaning process of the vacuum cleaner, examine the hardwood floor so that you can remove any large items which may block the hose such as – bobby pins, coins, socks, etc.
  • Avoid any technical work. If you find whole the procedure difficult, then go to the technician who can help you to unclog the vacuum cleaners. If you ever suspect any electrical faults or other replacements, never do it yourself. You might worsen the situation, and after that, it will be costly.
  • Never use the water to unclog the hose of cleaner. It may sound obvious, but many people amongst us think that water is an easy shortcut to clear the clog of hose. But it could end up spoiling the vacuum and not repair the issue. Use the right and appropriate or suggested unclogging tools like a coat hanger, mop/broom handle, etc.
  • Before buying anything new – whether the parts of the vacuum cleaner or any other stuff regarding it, always take some recommendations.

So, that’s all to fix such clogging issue of the hose. From now onwards, when you have some confusion regarding how to unclog a vacuum, you can come here and read this article to get all time solution for repairing the vacuum cleaners. Be smart, and be safe!

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