How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet – Kick Off Bad Smell


To remove the stains and odors of the child or human urine from the carpet is irritating. Do you know why it becomes difficult to get away the pet or human urine smell out of carpet? The reason behind it is the presence of the uric acid crystals. The enzyme-based cleaning product will put an end to the uric acid.

How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet

The human urine smell from the carpet creates the embarrassing situation for everyone. Don’t get disappointed. Here I will throw light on the ways regarding how to get human urine out of the carpet so that you can enjoy clean and odor free rug. Let’s proceed further to discuss the techniques regarding kicking off the bad smell of urine from the carpet.  

How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet?

Take hold of the towel- You can take the towel and then place it in the urinated area so that it can absorb urine from it. Now you should clean the towel by keeping it in the bathtub filled with warm water. Add the mixture of detergent and baking soda. After that finally, put that towel in the washing machine. The pre-soaking of the stained towel is vital so that the smell of the pee does not pollute the washer, as well as the excessive amount of urine, gets removed in the bathtub only.

1) Make use of Enzymes

The enzyme cleaner can do away with the pee and vomit by consuming the organic matter present in the wastage. It will not only eat the organic matter but will also eliminate the smell.

  • Role of Odorzyme- On the sprayer nozzle you can use the setting of the “stream” which will soak the stains of the urine. It can remove the odor and stain on coming in contact with the urine- soaked material. In case you face large volume of urine stains or more considerable amount of smell from the urine then you can directly pour the odorzyme onto the stain rather than using the sprayer.
  • Effect of Urine- Erase – You can use the urine erase powder on the affected area. Mix the powder and then wet the area you are supposed to clean. Then leave the affected area for eight hours and then again repeat the procedure. The allow it to dry and then-then add the little bit of water and use a paper towel to blot it up. In this way residue, an odor of the urine and stain will be removed.

2) Usage of Shop Vacuum

In the market, you can get shop vacuum that plays the crucial role in cleaning. If you make use of this appliance, then you don’t require towel as the shop vacuum is capable enough to suck up the liquid. You can spread on enzyme cleaner and then use shop vacuum which will dry up the wet area of the carpet quicker by sucking up the bits of urine.

3) Try some chemicals

You can also try the mixture of some substances. In the warm water, you can add the little bit of white vinegar and then pour the solution on the wet area. After few minutes you can pinch the baking soda. Now over the soda sprinkle the solution of peroxide and dish soap in very less quantity. Allow it to dry and then clean the soda.

All these ways will guide you regarding how to get human urine smell out of the carpet. You can try any of the methods to get rid of the human urine smell and stain. Your carpet is the precious piece of your home so it would be great if you make use of shop vacuum which will provide you amazing results in removing stain and smell of the human urine.

You can try above-mentioned home remedies also, but the shop vacuum will make your task of taking away the smell and stain of the human urine quite easy and simple. All the ways are effective you can rely on any of the means that are stated above.

Let your carpet remains maintained and cleaned from the stains of human urine by relying on points as stated in this post.

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