How to Clean Shark Navigator Vacuum and Its Filter


Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best upright vacuum cleaners which is well known for its ‘never losing suction’ technology. It is lightweight and easy to move machine with large capacity. It comes with some ultimate tools which can clean pet hair quickly.How to Clean Shark Navigator Vacuum and Its FilterToday in this article, I am going to tell you a step by step guide on how to clean Shark Vacuum Filters in the less time and with the minimum efforts. I hope you will enjoy this article and get some easy tips for shark vacuum troubleshooting.

How to Clean Shark Navigator Filter

Before starting any cleaning process, there are some obvious things to take care about. Do not forget to switch off the main power so that the risk of getting shocks can be prevented. Apart from that, make sure that you wear gloves and having a mask to avoid dust or bacterial allergies.

Step 1: Now, first of all, take off the bin and push down a small button given there to slide it off. You can see that you have two little latches which come off on the lift away. After that, just take off the bin and underneath.

Step 2: Here you are going to find filters. Most of the filters are like you can just pop out them to the filter tray. But, some of them are not easy to take out.

Step 3: So you have seen the filters you want to clean. Pull out the two foam filters and a felt filter. If you notice both the filters, you can easily tell the difference between these two filters; because the foam is squishy and the felt filter is not squishy. The felt filter looks like it’s sewn together.

Note: Don’t wash the felt filter as that goes at the bottom. It is not preferable to clean that one, so leave it the way it is, after cleaning it with the dry piece of cloth.

Step 4: When we talk about two foam filters, you can (and you should) wash them to make them perfectly clean shark Filter. So, it’s time to put the vacuum aside and start to remove the filters.

Step 5: Consider taking warm water to wash the filters. Also, take some laundry detergent to clean properly and adding freshness. (You can also take a squirt of fragrance liquid which will help you to prevent bad odor of the sponge. But, it is up to you, and not compulsory!)

Step 6: Wet the filters thoroughly. Make sure that they are wet entirely. Once they are wet, start rinsing them. They will become much darker after getting wet by the water. Try to use the water to get all the dirt out. Lukewarm water works amazingly here.

Step 7: After your two filters become wet entirely on the both sides, take some (liquid) laundry detergent and pour it to the filters. Here, you have to take care that two or three drops are fine, but you should pour the soap on the both sides of the filters.

Step 8: When you are done with pouring, start rubbing both the filters with each other by using their sponges. (It will feel like you are scrubbing one filter with the other one.)

Step 9: For better shark filter cleaning, you should get your thumb in there on the filters and try to put the soap in! When you feel slick and foamy, that is the perfect stage.

Note: There should not be any visible foam any foam. If you see foam that means you used a lot of detergents. That is fine, but then you have to rinse consciously well.

Step 10: After following all these steps, if you see that there are still some dirty spots, repeat this process quickly.

Step 11: So now it is the time of the final rinse. Get all the filters nice and wet, and then squeeze it out. In this point, if you have hot water, that will be perfect. Kindly wait until it steams and then just let it soak. That will help you to get some of the bad odors out.

Step 12: Evacuate the water from the sponge. This filter is now all washed. Try just to wring it out and squeeze all the water possible.

Step 13: After you have two drive filters, it is recommended to use fragrance liquid to have some scent on it.

Step 14: Finally, it’s time to dry it out. Put them in such places where they can be dried out quickly. Let them dry for at least 24 hours. (Safer side – 48 hours.)

Note: Even if they feel dry on the outside, don’t put them back in your machine because they could be wet from inside. There is also a chance that the vacuum may draw the water in and catch on fire. You could also ruin the vacuum which is not a good thing.

Step 15: Put them back in your vacuum, and you are ready to go!

So, that’s all for how to clean shark navigator lift away! As I have mentioned earlier, I hope you find this step-by-step guide considerable and manageable. Shark vacuum troubleshooting is a fast and easy process. You will enjoy it, and mainly clean the filters without paying any extra bucks. If you have any queries regarding vacuum cleaner stuff, I am always ready to help! Cleaning leads to healthy life!


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