Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 Animal – Ultimate Comparison


Dyson is the most reliable brand for cordless vacuum cleaners. The company assumes that cord-free vacuums can bring a change in the market. At one end, the wireless technology provides relief from changing sockets to clean the large area, but, the efficiency and life cycle of the battery used in such machines still create the issues in the user minds. Whatever it is, such devices are trending.

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs V8 Animal

In this article, you can get the ultimate comparison of the two of the best vacuum cleaner models Dyson V8 Absolute vs Dyson V8 Animal. But before we start, it is preferable to know the advantages and disadvantages of cordless machines to have some better understanding of the cordless devices before buying them.

They are as under;


  • There is neither any cylinder nor any restrictive cord to be taken care of!
  • You don’t need to stop for unplugging the machine.
  • It is more compact and more maneuverable.
  • Cordless cleaners are faster to deploy.


  • Such vacuum cleaners have smaller bins as compared to other vacuum cleaners. This is the biggest disadvantage of cordless upright vacuum cleaners.
  • As it is cordless, the whole weight of the filter will be on your hand. So, it is quite annoying.
  • It is less powerful.
  • It must be charged before using it. Otherwise, the batteries of the vacuum might drain out soon or even will not be able to start.

Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 Animal

Okay, as you are now clear regarding the advantages and disadvantages of cordless cleaners, let us give some information relating to the V8 Absolute and V8 Aminal cleaners.

Firstly; the similar side

Before we talk about the dissimilarities in Dyson v8 Animal vs Absolute; first of all, you should know the wonderful experiences provided by these two cordless models. These machines have the combination tool for rifts & surfaces and provide a tool for difficult to reach places.

These vacuums have soft dusting brush for the gentle dusting and mini motorized tool to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt. Moreover, both the machines include the amazing technology of HEPA filtration to capture allergens. Thus, both the models have plenty of similar features and techniques. Isn’t it great?

Dissimilarity is in minority

After talking about these many similarities, the difference seems minor. One of the small difference between Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 Animal is that Dyson V8 Absolute provides one additional cleaner head, i.e., soft roller cleaner head, helpful in the cleaning of large debris. Dyson V8 Animal does not provide such additional cleaner heads.

Now, let’s have some detailed review about the both:

Dyson V8 Absolute

V8 Absolute is powered by the Dyson digital motor V8, which is popular to create the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners. It comes with the HEPA filtration, which is proved to capture allergens and expels pure and healthier air.

Key features and Specifications

  • It is a cordless and hassle-free vacuum cleaner with the most powerful suction power.
  • It provides the powerful suction up to 40 minutes, in which the motorized floor tool is attached up to 25 minutes.
  • It also allows you to select power according to your need. There is a side switch which can give 7 minutes of higher suction for tough cleanings.
  • This vacuum cleaner uses the battery for the cleaning purpose only. It is preferable to charge the machine for 4 hours or more before using.
  • It removes more dirt from the carpet as it can go deeper, and it can also release the trigger instantly.

Apart from these features, it is also receiving appreciation by the users because it sucks up all the large debris as well as fine dust from the hard floors, and pet hair as well as ground-in dirt from the carpet.

Dyson V8 Animal

As we have mentioned earlier, there are not so many dissimilarities amongst these two. Just like Dyson V8 Absolute, V8 Animal also has powerful sucking power which uses 15 radial cyclones across two tires. It is readily convertible to a handheld cleaner for the quick clean ups as well as spot cleaning.

Key features and Specifications

  • A cordless and hassle-free cleaner with powerful sucking capacity up to more than 35 minutes.
  • It is a useful machine which includes HEPA filtration which is able to capture germs and provides pure air.
  • There are many accessories available with the V8 Animal cleaner like; docking station, combination tool, and crevice tool, mini motorized tool, and soft dusting brush.
  • It can be transformed to clean up high. It also has hygienic dirt ejector which can eject dust from the bin in one-time action.
  • If compared to the previous model of Dyson cord-free – V6 vacuum, V8 has 1.5 times more brush bar power capacity.

Dyson V8 Animal provides the bin volume of 0.14 gallons. It has two tire radial cyclones which are helpful to increase airflow so that the fine dust can be captured.

So, this is the ultimate comparison of Dyson V8 Animal vs Absolute. Now, you know that there are very few dissimilarities in these cleaners. So, you should select the cordless vacuum cleaner as per your requirements. Clean your house and pure the in-house pollution to stay healthy! We wish you happy cleaning.

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